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  • Biogas Plant under construction
    Biogas Plant under construction
  • Biogas Plant under construction
    Biogas Plant under construction
  • Radio Antenna
    Radio Antenna
  • Radio Antenna
    Radio Antenna
  • Engineering and Construction
    Engineering and Construction
  • Cashews
  • Jatropha
  • Strawberry
  • Cassava
  • Coffee



HD&L provides professional standards telecommunication products and services. We have supplied and served approximately 70% of local telecommunication clients with exceptional quality, reasonable warranty, and qualified maintenances.

Television Broadcasts
Digital TV Transmitters, Gap fillers and Transposers for SFM/MFN Networks
- Digital TV Modulator
- Dual Cast TV Modulators
- Digital UHF/VHF TV Transmitters
- Digital TV SFN Gap Fillers
- Digital TV MFN Repeaters
- MPEG2 Digital TV Encoders/Decoders
- QPSK Digital TV Modulators-Encoders
- Digital TV Microwave Link Transmitter

Analog TV Transmitters
- TV Exciters
- AV IF TV Modulators
- IF to Channel TV Converters
- UHF/VHF TV Transmitters
- UHF/VHF TV Amplifiers
- Portable IF Modulators and Demodulators
- Portable Microwave Link

TV Antenna
- Dipole Antenna
- Microwave Antenna

Radio Broadcasts
Analog Radio
- DPM/DTS Series FM Exciters
- PM Series FM Transmitters
- FM Amplifiers
- AM Transmitter
- Solid State FM Transmitters
- VHF/UHF Microwave Radio Links
- Surge Protection Systems
- Automatic Voltage Regulators
- Automation System and Audio Editor

Radio Antenna
- Omnidirectional Transmitting FM Transmitters
- Directive Transmitting FM Antennas
- Radio Link Antennas
- Radio Coupling Antenna

Electronic FORTH PABX Communication System
Electronic FORTH PABX is a compact size and effective quality communication system with dominant features applicable for offices, buildings, apartments, dormitories, standard hotels and resorts.
- VOIP PBX including IP Phone, IPX Series, IP-3000, ATA
- Digital PABX including D-400 CID, D-128 CID, D-64 CID
- Analog PABX including ES-832 CID, ES-Series


Engineering and Construction

HD&L manages, designs, and builds either factories, plants, or other projects. We produce standard output for clients, from conceptual designs to construction. We handle pre-studies and surveys, critical materials monitoring, standard structures, proper schedules, and standard supervison guidelines to ensure safety security and quality performances within the budgets and timeframe.


Renewable Energy

HD&L has taken part in environmental friendly sector through engagement in clean energy projects. We provide renewable energy development solutions to either individuals, organizations, or small and medium enterprises. We build, design, develop, commission, and operate to be the successful local and international renewable energy investments. Our clean energy projects are intended to slowly cutting down the global environmental effects and to be a part of the world against the global climate changes.

HD&L offers turnkey projects for partners interested in Biogas Development from organic agricultural wastes such as cassava waste water, latex waste water, corn waste, sugar cane waste, animals waste, etc. We finance, construct, commission, operate, and transfer the projects to the partner at the effective date of a turnkey. Biogas plant is professionally and efficiently designed to produce biogas and the green products (by products) such as fertilizers, etc.
Electricity from Biogas is a common renewable energy with lowest global environmental effects. Our gas engine is capable for producing and supplying required electricity to our intended various partners.
Heat is one of the major product results from a biogas conversion. HD&L supplies gas burner with qualified capacity for these processes.

We offer our partners and cooperators an access to waste to energy solution by converting municipal solid waste including garbage, wood waste, sugar cane waste, corn waste, etc into useful consumption energy.
Biomass technology is capable for supplying electricity up to 1MW results from conversion of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste).
Heat is another product from a process of Biomass technology. Biomass Heat is useful for steaming or producing hot water.

In terms of renewable energy, biodiesel refers to the chemical conversion of organic agricultural oil such as vegetables oil, jatropha oil, coconut oil, beans oil and animal fats, etc into biofuel. Biodiesel is a green product technically researched and produced to be used to generate energy in a standard diesel engine.


Agricultural Products

Cambodia holds the position among the countries of the Mekong region which are naturally gifted for agricultural productions. HD&L has experienced in rural development sectors focusing on agricultural product farms and plantations investment since 2004. We do businesses with wide ranges of agricultural products in various locations in Cambodia.



HD&L welcomes investors the lower risk sustainable local and international project investment opportunities.
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